Thursday, December 8, 2011

scandinavian hiatus

As much as it kills me to leave the Scandinavian countries, I have to take a short break and turn to other books for a while. I have one set in 1930s England to read, and about 5 books by Boris Akunin to pay attention to (books 6-10) for a while.  I have been sitting on the review for Claudia Pineiro's latest as well as the review for The Secret in their Eyes.  But I will return to my favorite part of the world asap.


  1. The movie, The Secret in Their Eyes, is good but long and takes a lot of concentration; many subtleties.

  2. Nancy, wish you happy holidays and a new year just chock full of exciting books.

    Want to let you know that "The Missing Head ..." is making the rounds with friends. One friend who has been in Portugal, walked with his spouse through much of Oporto. He is very familiar with names and places raised in the book.

    Looking forward to a new year of books and will check in here for reviews and suggestions.

  3. Thank you, Kathy! I hope you had a lovely holiday. I'm currently in Seattle, laying back, then Sunday it's on to San Diego to visit with more family.

    I'll definitely be back!


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