Sunday, July 4, 2010

A week not to miss on PBS Masterpiece for Agatha Christie fans

David Suchet is back on PBS this week, first as himself, guiding viewers on a journey aboard the Orient Express:

according to the blurb at the PBS Masterpiece Website,
From London, Suchet travels to Calais in northern France to board the Venice Simplon Orient Express, and begins his 2,000-mile journey through six countries, with a breathtaking stop in Venice on the way to Prague. The delightful Suchet revels in the artistry and beauty of the train, and explores its attraction for Agatha Christie, who used it as the setting for one of her most recognized novels. With the incisive inquisitiveness of Poirot, Suchet also traces the history of the Orient Express from its elegant beginnings to its tumultuous final days, and how its legacy has lived on. Come aboard for a charming and insightful view of the timeless Orient Express. 
To further entice you, there's a preview of Suchet's journey available at the website. 

And then on Sunday, July 11th, he returns as the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as Poirot: Series X begins on Masterpiece Mystery, first with Murder on the Orient Express,  followed later in the season by Third Girl and Appointment With Death.

David Suchet does such a wonderful job as Poirot that I can't even read the books without having him in my head. This would be a great week to settle in and catch him in action. 

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