Wednesday, August 22, 2012

does anyone in the US want a free copy of Jussi Adler-Olson's new book?

Never buy books at 4:30 in the morning.  I guess I was still asleep because this morning I bought a copy of Jussi Adler-Olsen's novel  The Absent One and forgot that I already had the same book under the title of Disgrace. 

  I only realized my error 10 minutes ago when I was deciding what crime fiction novel I'd pull off my shelf to read today and saw Disgrace sitting there.  The following conversation went through my head:

Uh-oh. How did I miss reading this one in the series? He's got a third book out and I've only read one. How is that even possible? Oh crap. Wait a minute. What if this book is the UK title and I just bought the same book with a different title? I'd better go check. [gets online, realizes yes indeedy that's exactly what I did].  Sh*t. It's too late to cancel the order.
 Once again, my idiocy is someone's gain...just be the first to make a comment saying you want it. It should be here in 2 days & I'll mail it next week.


  1. Nancy - You're not the first one to get distracted by a different title. I'd love The Absent One if it hasn't already been claimed.


    1. It's definitely yours, Margot! I think it was the whole 4:30 am, half a cup of coffee type thing going on. I should have known better. I already have your address, so when I comes, I'll send it on.

      Thanks, as usual, for giving it a home!

    2. Yay!! Thanks, Nancy :-)

    3. Great you're getting the book, Margot! That means we'll see a post up at COAMN.

      Oh, Nancy, the things I write in the middle of the night! Typos, wrong words, run-on sentences, copyeditors' nightmares.

      I hope I've never divulged anything scandalous!

      Sometimes I put a lot of books into the "basket" or "checkout" section of an online bookseller. Luckily I stop myself from continuing on. Then the next day when rationality sets in, I say "What have I done"? "I put that on reserve at the library" or "I haven't even read the first book in the series, so why am I ordering later books?" Or "A friend has this one, so I don't need to buy it."

      By the time I'm finished, I've talked myself out of these huge orders and am down to one or two books.
      But I always have to double-check the next day.

      I did find some good guys though at Got what I guess are remaindered NEW books there and spent $18 on three, including shipping. That includes the excellent "Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter," "The Invisible Ones," by Stef Penney and the second book (for a friend) of Imogen Robertson's new historical series.

      So in that case, the middle-of-the-night shopping paid off. These books I bought specifically to loan to friends -- and then keep later on, such a boon for paper books.


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