Friday, January 18, 2019

happy new year, nearly three weeks late....

While I've been reading steadily over the last 3 weeks or so, time has not been my friend as far as posting goes.  First, it was off to Seattle for a week starting the 24th of December,

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then, one week after that, and  still suffering a severe case of west coast body clock syndrome (WCBCS), we made our way to Los Angeles for a week of catching up with friends and family, 

from (again, not an endorsement) -- and yes, I know the map shows San Diego, but whatever. 

arriving home this past Tuesday, with a bad cold and a  fresh case of WCBCS to add to my previous woes.

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fLooking at the bigger picture that is 2019, I'll be making my way through mysteries and crime fiction from roughly 1919 through 1930, with a focus on more obscure titles, although since we're moving into the golden age here, there will probably  be quite a few which are recognizable by readers familiar with that period.  As usual, I'll throw in some contemporary titles here and there, and then it's just what ever happens to be on the shelves to balance things out in my crime-reading universe.  And that could be pretty much anything, so stay tuned. 

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