Friday, March 30, 2012

listen up, American peeps! It's TV time again

Image with my thanks to New Times Blogs, Broward, Palm Beach
The Killing is back! If you haven't  yet heard, Season Two starts Sunday night. I was a bit disappointed with last season, since they dragged it out all season and never solved Rosie Larsen's murder at the end.  So hopefully, with all of the complaints the network got, the powers that be will get it solved this time around.  Sadly, I don't get to watch the first episode this weekend, since I promised not to watch without my husband who got addicted to last season.  It's okay -- I'm recording the entire series to DVR so I won't miss a second.


  1. Nancy - I have to admit honestly to not being overwhelmed by Series 1. I hope the second round'll be better...

    1. Yeah, I felt really cheated, plus there were a couple of episodes that went nowhere. That was a shame, because the first few episodes were pretty good.


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