Saturday, May 2, 2015

and the world loses another great author: Ruth Rendell, 1930-2015

Sad news for mystery/crime fiction readers.  Ruth Rendell, author of more than sixty books over her long career, has passed away.  She was 85.

The Guardian does a round up of what they consider to be her five "key works" :

From Doon With Death - the first Wexford novel
A Judgement in Stone - my personal favorite of every book she's ever written
 A Dark-Adapted Eye - my favorite of her books as Barbara Vine
Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
Not in the Flesh 

Rendell is a writer who kept me entertained, horrified and guessing for many, many years.  She may be gone from this world, but my bookshelves are filled with her novels, so she continues on.  

sad days

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  1. I agree about the loss of Ruth Rendell, which saddens not only crime fiction fans, but many others, too. I admire her for interjecting important issues in her Inspector Wexford books and raising consciousness and pushing along progress.
    The good thing is her legacy; she left 60 books for us to enjoy.


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