Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Agatha Christie!!!

In honor of Agatha Christie's birthday, and as a part of the Agatha Christie birthday celebration at Mysteries in Paradise, I offer my most heartfelt thanks to this incredible woman for making me a mystery/crime fiction lover, and for providing me with endless hours of entertainment over the course of a lifetime.  There is no other author about whom that is true.

I especially thank her for Miss Jane Marple, my favorite Agatha Christie character.  I love Jane Marple; if she were real I would probably have wanted her to be my favorite great aunt.  The things we could talk about!  But she's not real; she's just a figment (although a rather endearing one) of the incredible imagination of Agatha Christie.  So as a tribute to this fictional character, and to Agatha Christie from whose brain she emerged (and whose birthday I am commemorating),  I give you...

An Ode to Miss Jane Marple
(in limerick form)

In a village an elderly sleuth
has a penchant for finding the truth
Miss Jane Marple's her name
Human nature her game
And it's murder she finds most uncouth

With needles and yarn as a cover,
quite close to the crime she will hover
while knitting and purling,
her keen mind is whirling,
the truth she will seek to discover

At the Vicarage or Gossington Hall
or wherever a body might fall
you will find dear Miss Jane
(the cops think she's a pain)
so beware knaves and murderers all!


  1. Nancy - What a wonderful limerick! How very creative :-). I'm impressed. And I like Miss Marple very much, myself.

  2. What a great ode - it captures Miss Marple so well. I can never decide which I like best between Miss Marple or Poirot, but Joan Hickson portrays her the best for me.

  3. Wow! This was great!! I loved it.

  4. Margot: I thought and thought and thought about what I would do, and at the time I had been looking at some old books my daughter had left in the garage. I came across one with limericks and thought ...well, that would be different! It took me days and days to come up with this. That's one reason I haven't posted here for awhile (among many). If I could really write, that would be even better!

  5. Margaret: thank you! I am a huge fan of Miss Marple and I love Joan Hickson, so I put her picture at the top.

  6. Nan: Great, I don't know, but I definitely had fun doing it! It's so out of the ordinary for me!

  7. What fun! A terrific 'ode'. Miss Marple herself might have approved (while blushing). :)

    But you left off my favorite Jane Marple - Joan Hickson.

  8. Oh no you didn't, there it is at the top. Sorry I overlooked it. My bad.

  9. No worries! She's at the top because she's my favorite!!

  10. What a lovely tribute to my favourite Christie sleuth! And of course Joan Hickson is the *real* Jane Marple ;)

  11. Thanks, Dorte! But my little limerick is a reminder that I'm better as a reader than a writer. LOL


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