Monday, July 1, 2013

does anyone (in the US only, sorry) want some absolutely free older Scandinavian crime novels or one Japanese one?

I have six Scandinavian crime novels I would like to find a new home for if possible:

Camilla Lackberg -- The Ice Princess
Camilla Lackberg -- The Preacher
Asa Larsson -- Sunstorm
Quentin Bates -- Frozen Assets
Hakan Ostlundh -- The Viper
Sissel-Jo Gazan -- The Dinosaur Feather
I also have an ARC of Fuminori Nakamura's Evil and the Mask, from Soho Press.

All are in very nice condition.Take as many as you want. My crime fiction shelves have just hit maximum overload and I'm seriously desperate for space.

  Unlike many other things in life, for you, the books are absolutely 100% totally free;  I'll even pay postage to get them to their new home.  All you need to do is to be the first to leave a comment here telling me which book(s) you want, and then email me at with contact info INCLUDING A HOME ADDRESS, PLEASE!!  I'll hold them for a week, and then they're gone.


  1. Hi, Nancy-
    I'd love the Quentin Bates. Thanks!

    1. Cool. Thanks, and special thanks for the email with the address. You do not know how many times people claim books I give away and then do not leave an address!!

    2. Please send me The Dinosaur Feather and Evil and the Mask. If no one else requests The Viper, I will request it and loan it to two friends who will like it.

      I have found the Japanese thrillers I've read to be unique and different from Western mysteries. I'm not sure why, but the culture is different and so are human relations.

      Thanks so much, Nancy.

    3. Dinosaur Feather has been asked for (sorry, I should have posted) but you can have The Vipsr and Evil and the Mask for sure. Stay tuned -- I'm starting a major shelf purge.

    4. Nancy- Thanks so much for the package! Kathy D- I'd be happy to mail you The Dinosaur Feather once I finish it: rebecca.kreisher at

    5. I'm happy it got there safe and sound! Enjoy. And stay tuned...I have an entire world of crime fiction shelves to purge.

  2. Oh, I can't wait. It's like a holiday to come to this blog sometimes.


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