Thursday, December 3, 2015

one more: The Washington Post weighs in with its Best Mystery Books and Thrillers of the year:

Thank you, kindhearted soul who sent this to me!

Here is the best of 2015 titles from The Washington Post:

1. A Banquet of Consequences, by Elizabeth George -- continues the Inspector Lynley series.   Patrick Anderson says this book "shines with great psychological depth, finely drawn characters and gorgeous portraits of the English countryside."

2.  Brushback, by Sarah Paretsky -- another novel featuring  VI Warshawski, who, as Maureen Corrigan reminds us, "predates Lisbeth Salander and Stephanie Plum."

3.  Dark Corners, by Ruth Rendell -- Dennis Drabelle says she "writes with seasoned expertise." And who doesn't love Ruth Rendell?

4. Another Maureen Corrigan pick is Rogue Lawyer, by John Grisham -- introducing a new "street-lawyer" character in this one.

and finally,

5. Patrick Anderson gives us his choice, The Whites, by Richard Price writing as Harry Brandt.  Anderson calls it "a masterpiece..."

more to come. stay tuned.


  1. Nancy: these all look wonderful, to me, a very humble reade4r.

    1. I'm looking forward to settling down with Rendell here very shortly. I just don't really care for violent thrillers -- but that's me.

  2. Sara Paretsky's books are not violent, gory thrillers. They're light-hearted mysteries with social commentary, humor and a delightful cast of characters, led by the feisty, independent, brave detective, V.I. Warshawski.

  3. I did, too, but I still do, and as a woman writer in her 60s, Sara Paretsky still has spunk, intelligence, political savvy and wit. I read all of her books and enjoy them all.


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